Tyler Bold brand out-of-stock and features explained

When will out-of-stock items be restocked?

We do not restock...

The Tyler Bold brand is a planned product and there are almost no standard products.
Tyler Bold is a national brand with an integrated system from planning, production to sales.
We do not mass-produce underwear because our main premise is to produce high quality underwear and to satisfy our customers. It is always possible to reduce quality and mass produce, but that is not what our customers want, so we do not do it.
We recommend that you stay up to date on Tyler Bold's new releases to stay abreast of what's new and what makes Tyler Bold special. Out-of-stock underwear is rarely restocked and is discontinued as soon as it is out of stock. Please select underwear that is in stock.

Features of Tyler Bold

Tyler Bold does not discourage anyone and does not flatter anyone. Customers are not gods. We speak plainly. The meaning of the word "direct" is to say what is on your mind frankly, clearly, and without embellishment, without concealment.
Our mission is to spend a finite amount of time developing products and improving our technology just so that our customers can wear Tyler Bold brand undergarments, increase their satisfaction, and enjoy their lives. Everything we do is for our customers.

Proposal from Tyler Bold

We get a lot of questions about restocking out-of-stock undergarments that will never run out. However, out-of-stock undergarments are rarely restocked for the reasons mentioned above. And over the years, we have learned the characteristics of the customers who always get the new items and those who can't always get them.

Characteristics of customers who always get new items

  1. They are honest and never miss a chance.
  2. They are always on the lookout for new items.
  3. Always thinking
  4. You enjoy your life.

Characteristics of those who cannot get new products

  1. Lack of honesty
  2. Selfishness
  3. Always waiting for an opportunity, always late to take action, always missing an opportunity
  4. Self-centered, always asking for something they don't have.

Which of the two is your life pattern?

Meeting Tyler Bold was not a coincidence, it was inevitable.

There is a saying in the world, "The Law of Attraction. Tyler Bold values the Law of Attraction and encounters very highly based on his life experiences. Why did we meet at this time? At first, it is difficult to find the answer, but as the days go by, the answer will come to you. I have learned from my life experience that encounters with people can change your life.

It is interesting to hear from a new customer,
I met Tyler Bold at a low point in my life, felt this was the one, bought the underwear right away, and had a V-shaped recovery!"
From a new customer, "I was planning to try something new but was afraid to try it...I met Tyler Bold,I felt this was it, bought the undergarments right away, and was able to gain momentum and keep going!"
We have received many emails like this. This is also the law of attraction. And by meeting such customers, Tyler Bold is further influenced by them, and they are working on positive actions to lead us to develop new products.

As a result of these life experiences, we value new encounters. If it is not a good fit, we simply stop the relationship. And then there is the Law of Attraction. We attract each other because we are on the same wavelength, but if we are not on the same wavelength, we will naturally drift apart.
What you should avoid is to ruin the encounter from the start. The reason is that encounters are inevitable. Tyler Bold's life experience has taught him that people meet when they are meant to meet, even if they don't know it for the rest of their lives. It's a wonder...
You may be going in the wrong direction, but you don't know it, and no one will point it out to you. It is even more so as we get older. In this day and age, people make a fuss about harassment, not realizing that they are correcting their wrong thinking and behavior in the right direction. Such people will continue to lead a wrong life and end up with a boring life full of troubles.No one wants to associate with troublemakers.If someone points this out to you, you should first try to associate with them. However, it is also important to find out if that person can lead you in the right direction.


Everything you do is your own choice. Therefore, we should not blame the times or other people. Never run away from life, but face it head on and stand firm on your own feet. Only then will you be able to enjoy life. This is also what Tyler Bold has learned from his life experience.


We know that the Tyler Bold brand's stock-outs and Tyler Bold's characteristics have given you a very strong image of what the company is all about. There is no other company like it. Some of you may have been turned off by it. That's fine. Like the Law of Attraction, similar thoughts and actions are taken by our customers who are a bit of a bad boy. It is up to you whether you reject Tyler Bold or learn from it and use the Law of Attraction.

In closing

At Tyler Bold, we spend all of our finite time only on our clients. We will respond to your questions, but we don't have time to respond to those who don't buy our new products when they are available and then beg for them when they are out of stock.
Tyler is an underwear brand company, but we are a manufacturing company. Please do not stop us in any way.