I'm sorry, we are only looking for models who live in Japan.

Underwear Model's Application Guidelines

Healthy Male with Level Muscles Can Be A Level Muscle Can You Can Compete in a Contest such as NPCJ, JBBF, SSA, Summer Style Awards, Best Body Japan, Fejik, Bodybuilding, Fitness.
Maintenance system maintenance
Changes to the model each month, but the schedule change is everyday tea. You have to squeeze the body during the year so that you can shoot at any time, and maintain a muscle quality system. We will also refrain from sunburn.
20 to 30s.
Please practice in advance.
Area where you live
Those who live in Aichi or Gifu prefectures in Japan.
I will pay the size.
Shooting place
Our office: 〒 509-5145 Wink Bldg 2F west, 3-19 IZUMI-ONUMA-CHO TOKI-SHI, GIFU, JAPAN
Shooting day
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Weekday: Can be used to be in the evening.
Shooting cycle
Once a month.
Basically, we will image from the eyes, so we do not face out However, when shooting image photos, we will consult.
No good thing
  • Those who contain TATOO.
  • Those who are belonging to the office such as talent.
  • We will handle body hair in advance.
  • Recruiting those who can keep their promises and can be contacted.
  • Inquiry of those who are not applicable above will keep your response.
Application method
  • Please let us know profile from the following inquiry form.
  • Please enter your inquiry form without leaking.
    If you have a leak in your contact information, replies will be refreshed.
  • Profile content.
    • age
    • If you are participating in the name contest of the gym you are going, the contest name.
    • In the case of a dancer, detailed contents such as participating event names.
    • Please prepare a photo that has been taken in advance in advance.

* If there is no description such as profile, you are interested in the model, so we will apply for replication, etc.

Model application form