Personal Information Protection Act is enforced from April 1, 2005, and personal information management is attracting attention as one of the most important things in the company.
We comply with laws and regulations that are adapted to personal information, which are adapted to personal information, as our customers can provide information relieved and publish information, and we have implemented the following initiatives in managing personal information.


We strive to protect personal information while maintaining our organizational system and conducting internal instruction on management of information.
Acquisition and handling
If you collect personal information from customers, you will be able to collect personal information within the needs of the need for customers explaining the collection purpose. Customer personal information does not handle within the scope of the collection purpose and does not provide a third party to a third party without the customer's consent.
Management and response
Under the charge guidance, all the staff are responsible and awarter about managing personal information, and supervisory supervisory so that management errors and frauds do not occur. Safety measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of customer personal information. Customer personal information is managed to keep in accurate and up-to-date. In addition, if customers wish to confirm and correct customer personal information, the person in charge will respond promptly.
If we outsource personal information processing to the outside, we will establish matters concerning the handling of personal information such as contracts so that no leakage or resort is provided, and perform the necessary supervision and audit for the consignee. Personal information that we have kept from the entrustment group will be understood by solemn supervision and will be used within the scope of the contract.

Use of personal information in various services etc.

In the case of questions, requests, requests of materials, answers to questionnaire, we are aggregated by our customers, contacts, reports, send materials, or sending materials, or personal information It may be used for business activities.

We do not have to disclose and provide personal information to a third party without obtaining customer consent. In addition, there is no use for the purpose of sending our personal information to our company's product and direct mail.

When outsourcing business at other companies, we may deposit personal information within the scope of legitimate use for companies of outsourcing.

About access log

Our website records the information of accessed information in the form of access logs. Although information such as accessed domain names, IP addresses, and the type of browser you are using, access logs are included in the access log, they usually do not contain information that can identify users .

We will take advantage of these access logs for statistical analysis on the usage status of the website, but it is not available for any other purpose.

About cookies

Our website has a page using a technology called Cookie. This is a small text file that sends the user's computer's hard disk to hold the record.

The contents are the website domain name, cookie expiration date, e-mail address, etc., and cookies can remember information about the preference for the user's specific site, and make the web use more beneficial . Cookies are identified by the user, but they can not identify users. The use of cookies is the industry standard and cookies are used at many sites.

We may use cookies so that customers can conveniently use websites.

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