We are looking for retail stores and buyers who handle TYLERBOLD brand.

Corporation / individual question

Overseas mail order

Thanks to the Internet, it is an age that can be easily sold across the border, of course. The epidemic keyword is a cross-boundary EC. If you are searched on the Internet, you can easily use various techniques and easily enable the cross-bounded EC.

TYLERBOLD is an international store dedicated to overseas mail order and several other stores. We will inform you of the country's purchase ranking that we sold up to you.

First place. United States
2rd place. Taiwan
3rd place. Malaysia
4rd place. France
5rd place. Singapore
6rd place. Australia
7rd place. Hong Kong
8rd place. Germany
9rd place. Canada
10rd place. Belgium
11rd place. United Kingdom
12rd place. The Netherlands
13rd place. Thailand
14rd place. Italy
15rd place. Russia
16rd place. Switzerland
17rd place. China
18rd place. Sweden
19rd place. Norway
20rd place. Philippines
21rd place. Kuwait
22rd place. Turkey
23rd place. Mexico
24rd place. Spain
25rd place. United Arab Emirates
26rd place. Austria

In particular, the United States and Taiwan are jumping through enough to overwhelm other countries. Take advantage of this data to work on crossed ECs. We have contracted with retail stores in Taiwan, France and Taiwan by reference, but we can not connect agency contracts. Temporarily connects TYLERBOLD and agency contract! It is said that there is a shop that describes the "distributor" wording in the image of the Internet mail order, but we will prove that there is no such fact.

To trading company / wholesale store

There are only 0.01% of people who know TYLERBOLD in the world. There is a reason to handle only because it is not yet known in the world. Please contact us by all means.


Corporate, personal stores and internet shops are opened in the public store, and it is limited to shops. Customer says, "I want to buy the texture of the fabric directly and buy it. We have a lot of voices. Domestic and internet shops are welcome to operate in Japan, foreign stores and internet shops. In addition, there are many cases where male underwear is purchased by the wife and her, so it is also recommended to the boutiques and underwear shops that handle female fashion. If you are not open now, please contact the following form as we will consult as much as possible. Please enter the required form and send it to the following form. We will contact us by email and phone on our business day.



Enter the required form and send it to the above form. We will contact us by email on our business day.