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Re Arrivals information for 1.23
For the first time in the TYLERBOLD brand, we updated the G-string, which was designed based on the feeling of freedom as if you were wearing nothing. The size is written as a special size, and the details are free sizes from S size to L size. The Tyler Bold brand G-string does not have a feeling of tightness, tightness, or hold at the waist. The above words mean the same thing, but there are customers who often say that there is no sense of pressure, tightness, or hold in the waist. We do not read the product descriptions, so we are not able to respond to the above questions and opinions each time, so we will write it here. It is very easy to create a sense of pressure, tightness, and hold in the waist area by simply shortening the waist size. However, the waist part is tightened, and it hurts so much that you won't be able to wear it all day long. G-strings are completely different in structure from super bikinis, braga bikinis, mesco bikinis, and thongs. After repeated trial and error, I settled on the current style. If you are satisfied with that, you can enjoy your life with a free G-string that feels like you are not wearing anything at all.