It is described in the pre-order policy of the product, but please see it again.

Pre-order conditions

1.Shipment will be within 90 days from the date of order.

2.Please be sure to check the email from TYLERBOLD as it may be possible to ship early depending on the production time.

3.Pre-orders cannot be canceled after the order has been placed.

4.The design of the belt, the seams of the underwear, the color of the thread, the standard of the pattern, the design of the washing name, etc. will be changed without notice depending on the production time.

5.If there is no fabric at the time of production, you may be asked to change to another color or other product.

6.If you order a pre-order item and a regular item together, the item will be shipped together with the pre-order item.

7.If you place an order, we will consider that you understand the above contents.


Q.When will you ship it?

A.Please wait as we are producing in order. It corresponds to the above No. 1.

Q.Can I cancel?

A.Cancellation is possible, but no refund will be given. It corresponds to the above No. 4.

Q.When I ordered, I had a product, but I didn't have the fabric by email, so what do you mean by changing to another product?

A.The inventory of fabrics is constantly changing. Since the dough may run out at the timing of production, it corresponds to No. 6 above.